Nhopkg is a lightweight and powerfull package manager system for unix like operating systems. Nhopkg is in the public domain, you can get, modify and redistribute it under the GNU General Public License.

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In this section we will provide information to developers that want to develop for Nhopkg, or use its libraries. Some of the given information can be in the Nhopkg source code (README, TODO, etc).

Nhopkg Library

At this moment, the last stable release of Nhopkg is written in Bash. After this, we decided write Nhopkg in Python and create a library to interactue between Nhopkg's packages, repositories, developers and end users.

If you want to write code to Nhopkg, you need to read and understand the HACKING file provided in source code and apply it in your code for Nhopkg. If you want to contribute your code but you don't known what do, read the TODO file.

Related Projects

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Support the Project

You can contribute with Nhopkg in several ways. You can try it, report bugs, write code and develop new features. Furthermore you can colaborate with the project if you make a donation (money, hardware, ...).


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Name Country Donor since Status
Juan Carlos de la Vega Salamanca León, Spain 2010-03-15 Active
Nélida García Fernández León, Spain 2010-03-15 Active
José Barreiro Solano León, Spain 2010-02-10 Active
José Benito Mora Villegas Guanajuato, Mexico 2009-04-24 Active