Precompiled Packages

  • Debian: Get the i386 or amd64 Debian package.
  • ArchLinux: Add AUR repository and run sudo pacman -S nhopkg or download PKGBUILD from here.
  • Slax: You need to download package from here.

For other distributions, please create your binary package or build from source code.

Released versions

You can get latest version here, or other released versions on

Latest Supported Versions

This is the lastest supported version.

Version Date
0.5.1 2009-12-13
0.5.0 2009-04-30

Obsolete Versions

Those are the no long supported versions.

Version Date
0.4.0 2009-04-10
0.3.0 2008-09-01
0.2.0 2008-06-26
0.1.0 2008-04-01

Lastest Source Code

You can get the latest Nhopkg source code from the Nhopkg public Baazar repository

bzr co bzr://

or browse it on